Haha dude…you are so cute bro. Want to be my bf? Bf means brofriend, so its like double the bro. Youre my best bro dude. I love you man. I really love you so much


I often think about the little old guy that Kuzco had thrown out the window in Emperor’s New Groove

I hope he’s doing well

Just watched Kronk’s New Groove and he’s fine he’s just incredibly old and his name is Rudy

"What a mistake, saying the way I felt."

-The Neighbourhood (via waltzon)


I always get offended when people go around me on the highway I’m sorry are we not going fast enough for you. Are you in a hurry. We’re all going to die anyway


when you talk to your crush and say something stupid you immediately regret


"There are songs I can’t listen to anymore, movies I can’t watch anymore, names I can’t say out loud anymore. Because the things that come with it are things I don’t want to feel anymore."



reminder to call your pets by their proper pronouns! use petself/dogself/catself/hamsterself etc because they are not able to communicate their preferred gender and pronouns thank you this has been a psa uwu





Radicalize your grandmother.

are you suggesting i radicalize my dead grandmothers enchanted skeleton

skeletons are easily the most capable of revolutionary action as a class.